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Waltham Physiotherapy is a small Physiotherapy Clinic offering you an affordable, professional service. It is located in the Waltham Health Centre at 81 Waltham Road, Waltham.

If your injury is covered by ACC, a small surcharge will apply, and ACC will cover the rest. Private rates apply to injuries that are not caused by an accident or not covered by ACC. We are able to process an ACC claim if you hurt yourself doing something that classifies as an accident.

Pain and injury limit ones quality and enjoyment of life. It adds an unnecessary stress to your day and we are committed to help you manage your injury and to see results.

Doing normal everyday movements incorrectly often cause us as much trouble as a one-off injury caused by doing an abnormal movement. Most people with pain and injury can benefit from Physiotherapy.

Our Team

Waltham Physiotherapy is owned and run by Lesley Smith. She has years of  experience and and is dedicated to her profession and to her clients. She is a member of the Physiotherapy Society of New Zealand www.physiotherapy.org.nz and the NZMPA www.nzmpa.org.nz

Lesley Smith

Lesley Smith trained in South Africa and worked in the Public and the Private Hospital sector, as well as in Private Practice for 10 years before relocating to Christchurch. She registered with the New Zealand Physiotherapy Board in June 2000. Her Interests are in the Musculoskeletal area, Rehabilitation, as well as Sports related Injuries.

Lesley has a "hands on" approach, combining Manual Therapy, Spinal Manipulation, Dry Needling, Myosfascial release techniques, education, exercise and stretching as part of the solution to your specific condition.

Amanda Crean

Amanda Crean joined the Waltham Physiotherapy team on a part time basis at the end of July 2016. She is an asset to our team and we deem it a privilege to have her on staff. She has recently got her Polestar Pilates Certification and is passionate about Pilates and Physiotherapy. She also has a special interest in running injuries, women's health and a post graduate certificate in Acupuncture. She offers 1 on 1 Pilates sessions in the clinic, and specific running assessments and coaching.

Reception: Kristen,  Chloe,  Malane and Whitiora.  These friendly and capable ladies share the reception role at our clinic. They will be able to help you should you ring into make an appointment.

Together, the team at Waltham Physio strive to bring you a caring and quality service, and are dedicated to seeing you through your rehabilitation process. Please contact us today to take the first step on your road to recovery!


Lisa Mason

Lisa Mason trained at the Otago School of Physiotherapy. She completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy at Curtin University in Perth Australia in 1997. 

Since graduating she has worked in Private Practice in New Zealand and London and with sports teams in New Zealand, Malaysia and Australia. For the past 15 years she has settled back in New Zealand with her family enjoying skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing and yoga. 

Lisa is interested in all Musculoskeletal injuries with a special interest in sports injury management. She also has a hands on approach, and along with her Pilates training enjoys Postural and Muscle balance work.

Lisa has years of experience and her professional and friendly manner is an asset to Waltham Physiotherapy.   


Reception: Kristen Steele, Malane Register and Mari Schuster.  These friendly and capable ladies share the reception role at our clinic. They will be able to help you should you ring into make an appointment.

Waltham Physio

Opening Hours

Monday: 9.00am - 3.00pm
Tuesday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Wednesday: 9:00am - 5.00pm
Thursday: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Friday: 9.00am - 3.00pm
Saturday: CLOSED
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